Helpful Arty

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014


– Hey Arty, a few people are wondering what exactly it is that you do around here?
– What do you mean? I do a lot!
– Well Pixie and Molly are always helping with the shop, packing orders, sorting things out, making stuff. You don’t seem to help at all.
– I’m a supervisor.
– Oh right.
– It’s important for someone to know what’s going on, monitor the staff, make sure they’re working well etc.
– Hmm, and how exactly do you do this supervision with your eyes shut?
– Psychic supervision.
– Okaaaaay.

Shop Update

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Today has been totally crazy. Arty is in hiding because the doorbell has gone so many times due to deliveries, poor boy!

* NEW in are phone cases for Samsung S4 and S5
* A very limited reprint of Christmas cards, when they’re gone that’s it for this year
* Five cat necklaces!
* All mugs are back
* Notebooks are all available again, lined and plain.


Don’t forget, you can wrap up your gifts with super cute wrapping paper too!

Watching Invisibles

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014


– What are you staring at Molly?
– Up there on the wall, can’t you see?
– I can see a wall?
– Yeh but on the wall!
– What’s on the wall, I can’t see anything.
– I can’t believe you can’t see it!
– What?!
– Uh, you humans with your inferior eyes.
– Oh so it’s only visible to cats?
– Well obviously, if you can’t see it. I can see it fine!
– Hmm OK Molly, you carry on staring at a wall

Shop Update

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

It was a great delivery day here at Doodlecats,

Firstly, new necklaces featuring a sleepy cat and Pixie being a cat loaf.

Sticky notes are something that I used to do and were really popular, then my supplier stopped doing them, tragedy! Well I’ve finally found a great new printer to make them for me and they arrived today.



Learn to Speak Cat – Review

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Before we moved house earlier in the year, I used to get the bus to the post office three times a week to post out orders. The best thing about those bus trips was checking out the latest Learn To Speak Cat cartoon in the Metro newspaper. They always made me laugh.

Anthony’s pictures aren’t in the Metro anymore but fear not, you can get your fix from his latest book, Learn to Speak Cat 2, which he kindly sent me a copy of.


All the cartoons are really clever, many based on word play. The illustrations are so cute!!


You can preorder the book from Amazon where it’s released on 8th October or head over to Anthony’s Facebook Page and ask him if you can buy a copy, he’ll even sign it for you. The Facebook page also has regular new cartoons to make you laugh.


Purrfect Box – Review

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

The lovely folks at Purrfect Box were kind enough to send the cats some boxes to review. Purrfect box is a monthly subscription of a box of goodies for your kitty :D

As soon as I opened it Arty was straight in there..

…and when I say straight in there, he jumped right on into the box. It’s the perfect size for him so he was super happy.

This box is the summer box and comes with Hello Cat treats, a catnip scratching block, a valerian heart, some vitamin paste and a laser pen. You can read more details about the contents here.

Pixie decided she would test the treats and the paste and I think she found them both delicious as she kept asking for more.


Molly was on toy testing. She couldn’t decide which to play with first so played with both the block and the heart. The wooden block has slots in to put catnip and scratchy bit on top. The heart is stuffed with valerian. Video was the only real way to show quite how much Molly liked them. She also loved the laser pen but moved way to fast for me to capture her playing with it, she is crazy for that red dot.

Per month the boxes are £19.90 which is a little more than other boxes I’ve seen but if you subscribe for the year it’s only £15.90 a month which is much better value for money. It’s such a great way to treat your kitty and they will get lots of enjoyment from it, ours certainly have.

For more info, check out the Purrfect Box website.

Mice Bucket Challenge

Thursday, August 28th, 2014


You have to have been living under a rock not to have heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge that has been going on all over the world to raise money for ALS.

Arty wanted to do his own thing and as he’s a cat, he wanted to raise money for Cats Protection. He also wasn’t that keen on cold water.

Presenting Arty’s Mice Bucket Challenge…….

You can donate to Cats Protection by text message. To do so, text CPSA70 and an amount of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070.
Every penny that you donate comes straight to Cats Protection and we are very grateful for all your support. Thanks!

Molly and the birthday box

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

We ordered Molly’s birthday gifts from Amazon as they always do great boxes. She was super upset when the gifts arrived in an envelope :(

I thought I’d let Amazon know that they’d let me and let down a cute little kitty on their first birthday.
photo 1

Contrary to my expectations Amazon replied straight away and wanted to fix the mistake they had made.

photo 2

So for a few days we waited patiently for the postman, hoping for a box delivery. I didn’t tell Molly, I didn’t want to get her hopes up just for them to be dashed again. Well we were not disappointed! Look what Amazon sent her! What a fabulous box!!!

She’s determined not to share her box with the others :D

She really loves the toy that came in it too. It has a flashy ball which she’s been batting round the track.


Thanks so much Amazon!!! You’re awesome!!

Happy Birthday Molly!!

Thursday, August 21st, 2014


Molly is one today!! She has only been in our lives a few months but she’s taken no time to settle in and make herself a part of the family. She is so funny and makes us laugh everyday. She is the most meowy cat I’ve met (and Oscar was quite the chatterbox) and she is always making sure that we know she is about with her cute little noises. From day one she has been affectionate and loved cuddles and she is play mad. I don’t think we’ve ever succeeded in totally tiring her out with play, she always exhausts us and she could keep going forever!

We got her some new toys for her birthday. She seems to like all of them. We played with the new Da Bird this morning and she was leaping all over the place, I will have to try and get some action shots

The postman just arrived with her other presents.
Is this for me?

Let me at it!


The kitten kickeroo is probably designed for smaller kitties but it’s just perfect for Molly as she loves grabbing onto stuff this size and ‘killing’ it :D The toy mice are fab too, they’ve got interesting texture and look at those faces! Molly was trying to get at them as soon as I opened the parcel.

Click the images for Amazon links :)

Kickeroo_ Chew Mice

Da Bird

Happy Birthday Daz!!

Sunday, August 17th, 2014


It’s Daz’s birthday! Happy Birthday Daz!!!!

RCTees sent him this super awesome t-shirt :D You can get yours here


I got Daz this super funny book, we’ve had a good laugh reading through it this morning :D Perfect for cat guys :D Available from Amazon