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I’ve got lots of different cat fabrics but only small pieces as they can be pretty pricey. To save spending lots I like to use the cat fabric as a feature on a larger plain item. I came up with this shopping bag idea a few days ago and have made a few now as they’ll be really useful. I hate plastic bags and always try to use my own bags, however I wanted something different to the canvas bags you see everywhere.

You will need some webbing, I’ve used cotton webbing which is usually available in the ribbons and bindings section of fabric shops. Also, you’ll need fabric for the main bag, lining fabric (I used a pillow case) and some pretty cat fabric for the pocket. Pins are essential in making this too.

Cut your bag fabric to the size you want your bag plus a seam allowance of half an inch all the way around, you will need two. Then cut two of the lining fabric the same width but an inch shorter than the outer fabric.

The next stage is lots of pinning. You’ll use one long length of webbing for each side. Measure a few inches from the edge of the bag and pin the webbing along the length of it, then leave a loop for the handle and pin the webbing the same distance from the other side.

Take your cat fabric and cut a strip that’s just a little narrower than the width between the outer edges of the webbing for your pocket. You can have the pocket as deep as shallow as you like. Hem the top edge of the fabric and then pin the edges of the pocket under the webbing.
20111004-DSC_8094 20111004-DSC_8095

Starting from the bottom of the bag, sew up one edge of the webbing and stop when you get an inch from the top of the bag, sew across the webbing and then down the other side to attach the strap and the pocket. The unsewn section at the top of the bag is really important.

Pin the handles back out of the way. Sew the top of the lining to the top of the outer fabric, right sides together.

Once you’ve got both bag sides done and attached to the lining, place them right sides together. Sew around the edges. leave a gap on the lining section to turn the bag the right way out.

Trim off the four corners (two on the lining and two on the outer fabric). Pull the bag sides apart and fold so that the side and bottom seams touch, creating a point.
20111004-DSC_8101 20111004-DSC_8102

Sew across the point about an inch from the end and then trim off the corner excess.

Turn the bag right side out and then push the lining into the outer. Hand sew up the gap in the lining. Press the top of the bag with an iron so that the outer layer folds over the top and the seam between outer and inner is hidden inside.

Stitch around the top to make it neat and secure.

Voila, a shopping bag with a funky cat pocket.

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  1. Andrea says:

    what a perfect tote!

  2. Really cool! Love the lining too!

    Thanks for the tutorial:)

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