New Chickens!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

We’ve only had our one chicken Dorothy for a while now, since her friends passed away. They were all battery hens which we adopted and not all of them live very long due to the stressful start in life.


We decided it was time to get her some friends!
Meet Audrey and Margo :D

Audrey and Dorothy

We got them from a local chicken farmer. Audrey is an Amber Star and Margo is a White Star. They’re hybrids.



They’re in a pen at the moment whilst they get used to their new home and so Dorothy can see them. We’ll introduce them properly in a few days and soon they’ll all be scratching around the garden together.

Margo and Dorothy

We’re often asked how the cats get along with the chickens. They mostly just ignore each other. When the cats first met chickens they got flapped at which soon made them realise that chickens weren’t easy prey. Now they all have a healthy respect of each other and neither cats or chickens bother each other.

Pixie and Dorothy


Tuesday, December 13th, 2011


Our chickens, despite the awful cold and wet weather, love nothing more than rolling about in the dirt! They were really happy when we dug up the veggie patches as it mean they could have the ultimate dirt bath.


Every now and then we get a really odd egg like this tiny one!



Thursday, August 4th, 2011

These are our three lovely chooks. They’re scruffy because they’re ex-battery hens and arrived in a pretty poor state. They look much better now than they did when they first arrived. We’ve had them for a few months now and they’ve settled in well. They love the dry weather because it means the soil turns to dust and they can bathe in it. They also like scratching around in the dirt for creepy crawlies and plants to eat. Their eggs are yummy and it’s great knowing that they’re from happy hens. I grew up with chickens and I’m so glad we’ve got them again. I’ll never buy an egg from a shop ever again :)







Pixie likes to watch them, Arty and Oscar and big scaredy cats and run away!