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Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Love it or hate it, Facebook has to be one of the best marketing tools for any artist or business. Without Facebook I don’t think that Doodlecats would be anywhere near as successful as it is.

I still hate the new Timeline that Facebook has decided to inflict on us all but seeing as Facebook is a free service we can’t complain too much!

The best thing about Facebook is the interaction with fans and friends. I love all the feedback and comments I get from everyone. I can share my ideas and photos with people and get an instant reaction. A like or a comment on Facebook is so much less effort than commenting on someone’s blog post or sending them an email so more people take the effort to interact. It is such an integral part of so many people’s lives that you are getting your work directly into someone’s view. I love to interact with fans too, with them sharing anecdotes and funny things about their cats. Facebook also offers in depth insights so you can see what age, gender and where your fans are from.

I honestly don’t know how far Doodlecats would have got without all the wonderful people on Facebook who ‘like’ my page so THANK YOU to you all :) If you’re not a ‘liker’ on Facebook here’s the link to my page

I don’t claim to be any expert about Facebook and marketing but over the past few years (with this page and my old jewellery page) I have learnt quite a lot so I thought I’d share some Dos and Don’ts.


  • Post your artwork, work in progress, ideas, photos etc
  • Protect your artwork – add your web address or name/copyright etc to your images if you are worried about people stealing them
  • Include stuff about your life, people like to get to know the person behind the art/page
  • Share other pages, artists, websites etc that you think your fans will like
  • Interact with your fans. People like to feel included and listened to
  • Give something back to your fans with competitions and giveaways


  • Spam your page with links, likes, pictures all day long. A few posts a day is enough. People will ‘unlike’ you if they feel you are cluttering up their facebook with too much stuff.
  • Don’t get bitchy, drawn into arguments or post inflammatory stuff on your page, keep it professional
  • Don’t join pages which are all about getting fans (I won’t name them but there are lots) all you will get is lots of likes from people who don’t really care about what you do but are just trying to up their likes too. Often you’ll get tens, if not hundreds of posts on your wall from people just trying to promote their business. Likes should be from people who actually appreciate your work. This is one of my pet hates about Facebook and I’m refraining from ranting about it!

I’m sure I’ll think of more, I might add to this list later.