Digital Illustration


All my illustrations start as a drawing in a sketchbook which I scan in and colour digitally (A). Last week, in an attempt to improve my skills with the Adobe Illustrator software I use, I decided to create some of my characters totally on the computer with not a pen or pencil in sight (B). The neat freak in me loved creating perfectly clean crisp lines, making symmetrical shapes and getting each bit right. What was lost in this process however, was character and charm. I got so carried away in the attempt to create a ‘perfect’ image that any personality it might have was lost. When I presented this pair of bee cats to the lovely friends of my Facebook Page, I was happy that they were honest and said what I had been thinking. Feedback is so useful and makes a real difference when you’re unsure of something.

So despite the fun of totally digital illustration, I think the perfectionist in me needs to realise that even lines and symmetricalness isn’t what makes something right and I should just stick to what I know because that’s what works.

I did learn a lot during my experiments though, which is great and I am able to transfer some of those new skills into what I do already, making a few of the processes a little more easy and less time-consuming.


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  1. Kelly says:

    I don’t recall if I actually commented yesterday, or just liked someone else’s vote for A, but I did prefer the original ‘doodlecat’ drawing. That being said, I also like the new creations very much. I don’t think anyone could not see that the 2 were done by the same artist, and I wonder if you may find that some projects will be better with the original drawing, while others may look better with the more modern/digital looking doodlecats. I can recall your posting some older pictures and their newer updated versions, and preferring your newer ones as they looked less boxy and warmer to me. I guess that’s how I would describe the difference between A and B. A is what I would call soft and warm, while B is more sleek and polished. A little different, but still all doodlecats.

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