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Rainbow Cowl

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012


I saw this yarn (Sirdar Bohemia) outside a shop the other day and just had to go in a buy it. It’s the most chunky yarn I’ve ever used and it’s so quick to work with. It took less time to make this than it did to watch an episode of Fringe.


I got the buttons years ago and they are just perfect for this.



Business Card Holder Tutorial

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011


I am always forgetting to take my business cards out with me. If I get comments on the necklace or badge I’m wearing I feel stupid when I can’t give them a card so I’ve made a case for them. Now they’re in my bag, protected in a nice case so they don’t get tatty, I’ve no excuses!


You’ll need fabric, a hair elastic and a button.  Make sure to have some cards to hand so you get the sizing right.

Lay the cards on the fabric you’ve chosen for the outside of the case. You need to leave a gap between them for the fold. Cut the fabric, leaving a gap of 1/2 an inch around the cards, cut two. Cut two pieces of the pocket fabric the same height but an inch or so shorter, as pictured.
20110926-DSC_7994 20110926-DSC_7995

Fold the pocket pieces in half and iron. You can also stitch along the fold for a nice neat look. Place an outer piece right side up, then place the pocket pieces on each end with a gap between them in the middle. Place the hair elastic on one side and then lastly place the last piece of outer fabric right side down on top.

Sew around the edges, leaving a gap to turn it the right way out. Trim edges and cut off corners.

Turn right side out. Poke something like a knitting needle into the corners to make them pointy. Iron.

Stitch around the edges and along the middle. Make sure you leave enough space for the cards to fit in the pockets when you’re going around the edge!

Sew a button onto the front to hold it closed.

Now you can put your cards in :)

If you make a case I’d love to see it!

Cute Cat Hair Bow

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Now my hair is finally getting long I can start making pretty accessories for it. These are super simple to make and you only need a little scrap of fabric. You can experiment too with layers of fabric or using lace instead of ribbon.

I didn’t realise until reviewing the photos that black fabric isn’t a good colour to use in a tutorial as you can’t see all the stitches! Hopefully my descriptions make sense, if not, ask away and I’ll try to explain or retake the photos using lighter fabric.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Fabric, coordinating ribbon, needle and thread, a hair clip and a hot glue gun.

Measure a piece of fabric that is as long as you want the bow to be x2 and then add half an inch for the overlap. The same goes for the width; twice what you want the bow to be, plus half an inch. I used a piece 8.5 inches long by 4 inches.

Sew lengthways into a tube, right sides together. Turn it inside-out and press it with an iron. Have the seam running along the centre rather than at one of the edges.
20110911-DSC_7663 20110911-DSC_7664

With the seam on the inside, fold each end of the tube into the centre, overlapping the ends by half an inch.

Stitch loose stitches across the centre, through all the layers, and pull to scrunch the middle of the bow together. Secure with a few stitches.

Take a piece of ribbon and starting at the centre of the bow, lay it out to the edge and fold back towards the centre. Fold it again where it reaches the other side of the bow and repeat so you have two loops of ribbon on each side like mini-bows.

Stitch the ribbon in place.

With the glue gun, attach the centre of the bow to the hair clip. Then take another piece of ribbon and glue the end to the inside of the clip (you may need to remove the springy bit to do this, it just pops out).

Wrap the ribbon as tight as you can around the centre of the bow and the hair clip twice and then glue the end down and trim off.
Glue the bow ribbons in place on the ends of the hair clip to maintain their position and to hide all of the metal of the clip.