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Catnips Pillows

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Most cat owners slaves will know by now that the chances are the more you spend on a toy, the less the cats will like it. That’s so true for ours! I buy them lots of toys, especially cute ones with catnip in but none of them are ever as popular as a scrappy bit of fabric filled with home-grown catnip!

I grow catnip in the garden, it’s super easy and you can grow lots with little effort. See previous blog post about my plant. Once it’s dry I put some into toys. In the past I’ve made cute little mice etc but they get ripped to shreds or drooled all over and it’s really not worth it. The most simple thing to do is make fabric pouches to sew catnip into.

I used some plain thickish cotton fabric. It needs to be strong enough to put up with being chewed but not so thick that the aroma can’t seep through.

I use zigzag stitch so that the fabric doesn’t fray. Sew around three edges so you have a pouch.

Then fill with catnip. Stuff loads in, it will break down over time. I put everything but the stalks in.

Once it’s filled up, go round all the edges a few times with zigzag stitch and you’re done. It doesn’t look pretty but after they’ve been chewing on it and soaking it with kitty drool you’ll be glad you didn’t go to a lot of effort to make it look nice!

Thanks to Pixie for being so helpful in all the photos!

Here’s Arty being product tester. I tried to get it off him to show you how soggy and chewed it gets but he wouldn’t let me! We have some pouches that have lasted over a year and are still regularly played with. I usually end up throwing them out when they look so horrible I can’t bare to have them cluttering up the house and I make them new ones.