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Book Review: Simon’s Cat – Kitten Chaos

Monday, October 24th, 2011


I’ve posted about Simon’s Cat before but just had to tell you about his new book Simon’s Cat 3 – Kitten Chaos that arrived in the post at the weekend. It stars the usual cat plus a kitten which causes so much mischief. It’s hilarious! I don’t know how he does it, coming up with so many funny drawings. Daz and I both laughed out loud so many times as we looked through it.

I think what I love about the book is that it reminds me of four and a half years ago when Arty came into our lives. It was so funny how such a tiny little kitten could turn our world upside down.
Sleepy kitties

Check out www.simonscat.com for more awesomeness.

Product Review: Catit Design Senses Feeding Labyrinth

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Today, a new toy arrived for the cats. It’s the Cat Toy Catit Senses Food Maze. It looks pretty space age and I was worried the cats might just ignore it but it was an instant hit. It’s a toy that gets cats thinking and is a great way to give them biscuits so that they eat them slowly. Arty especially likes to eat his food so fast and then moments later is meowing for more. I put a handful of biscuits in the top of this and it took him a good twenty minutes or so to eat them all and it looked like he was having fun. They have to move the biscuits down through three levels before they fall out of the bottom into the dish.

Arty worked it out straight away and he was so cute to watch.
Catit Design Senses Feeding Labyrinth

Catit Design Senses Feeding Labyrinth

Pixie wasn’t that interested to start with but she’s not as in love with food as Arty is.
Catit Design Senses Feeding Labyrinth

She soon got the hang of it though.
Catit Design Senses Feeding Labyrinth

Being the clever one she realised it was easier to get the biscuits this way. I think it could do with a lid!
Catit Design Senses Feeding Labyrinth

Oscar was too busy sleeping to try it out.

All in all I think it’s a great way to occupy cats, especially if they get bored easily or wolf their food down too quickly. I’m not sure I would pay the full price for it though (I got a very good deal).

(Note, also in the pictures is theCat Toy Catit Senses Speed Circuit which isn’t included with the feeder)


Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

20110809-SS (3)

This week I thought I’d share with you one of the more ‘novelty’ type of cameras that we have. The SuperSampler takes four photos over two seconds to create a 4 frames within one photograph. You can also change the settings so it takes all the photos in 0.2 seconds but I never use that setting as the results aren’t so interesting. The camera has a fixed shutterspeed so you can only use it in good light. I used Fuji Sensia 200 film in it for these photos and had it cross-processed.

You get different effects if you move the camera as it’s taking the photos,

compared with keeping the camera still.

Mostly this camera is great for being silly with!