Verdo Cat Litter – Win a years supply!!

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Cat litter trays has to be one of the very few things about cat ownership (who am I kidding they own us) that isn’t great. For lots of people just the concept of having a box in which they pee and poop is pretty yuk. It’s one of the things we have to accept though if we’re going to have these adorable little creatures in our lives.

It took a long time for us to find a litter that all three of our cats are happy to use. Arty is the most fussy and once when a brand changed their recipe he stopped using the litter tray and developed a life threatening FLUTD. On our quest for the perfect litter we tried everything from clumping to crystals, paper pellets to chick crumbs (seriously!).

Finally we settled on wood pellets so when Verdo offered to send me some of their wood pellet litter to review I was happy to.
There are lots of things I like about wood pellets over other litters.

    Firstly the smell – this is a huge factor if you want to live in a home that doesn’t stink of cat pee! The natural smell of the wood pellets combined with its absorbency means that you don’t get stinky trays.
    Secondly – you don’t need much. With other litters you really have to fill the tray with a deep layer. Wood pellets expand so you only need to put a little bit in and it will expand when wet.
    Thirdly – it’s better for the environment. You can compost the litter or put it in your green bin for disposal.
    Fourthly – It’s not heavy (well compared to clay litter especially, I can’t carry that stuff!)

Verdo is great as you can order online and delivery is included so you don’t have to carry a heavy bag back from the shops with you. The price is really competitive too, it costs the same as the other similar litters that we’ve tried. The other great thing about them is that they donate to Cats Protection, my favourite charity! For more information, check out the Verdo Website.

You can win a year supply of Verdo Cat Litter, just leave a comment on this blog post to enter. Sorry to overseas people, you have to live in the UK for this one. Entries close on the 21st December. One name will be drawn at random.

verdo 2

Thanks for all the entries, the winner is Kat Humble!!

35 Responses to “Verdo Cat Litter – Win a years supply!!”

  1. anna says:

    i am owned by fussy cats as well….know the feeling well. x

  2. I own 6 cats so go through so much cat litter it is unbelievable !

  3. Heidi Flaxman says:

    I’ve never tried wood pellets, but I think I might give them a go when the clay stuff runs out! :D

  4. Barbara says:

    I have 13 cats and use crystal litter at the moment but would love to try something else

  5. Stephanie says:

    Ooh I’m sure our cat’s would like to try this, we use catsan at the mo, but I would prefer something better for the world!

    Steph :)

  6. Georgina says:

    We also use catsan but always on the look out for something new. Especially of the enviromentally friendly kind =))

  7. Natasha Tideswell says:

    We get our kitty cats in January and the breeder has suggested wood pellets to us so this would be perfect for our little fellas! Fingers crossed :)

  8. veronica says:

    Verdo is fantastic cat litter. I have 2 elderly cats with renal problems who drink lots and wee lots! A little Verdo goes a long way! No smells either.

  9. lucy says:

    My cat also uses wood pellets (though I have never heard of this brand before) The only downside to it, is that when she’s bored she likes to get a pellet from her tray & bat it around the house with her paws for fun. This can be slightly embarrassing when you have guests!!

  10. Bonnie says:

    My boys are indoor cats so we use loads of litter – in fact as I recycle so much it is the main thing in the black bin that goes to landfill. Wood pellets would be a far more environmentally friendly option and I could compost them too!! Why didn’t I think of this before?!?!? Thank you Beth x

  11. linda kaplan says:

    I am a cat crazy lady too and i am owned by 9 furry birmans. I use recycled paper pellets and would love to try Verdo. 2 of my furbabys age 18 have renal problems. They wee a lot and it is rather smelly due to the kidney problems. Would this litter mask more of the smells? hugs to your kittys Beth :-)

  12. Clare says:

    We use Fullers Earth ATM which weighs a ton!
    Would love to try something new and better for the planet.

  13. Keeleigh says:

    Tia and Dolly would love to give Verdo litter a try, especially as us slaves constantly complain about said smell and going through trials of litter after litter, which the owners, sorry cats find most annoying ;-).

    Good luck to everyone :-)

  14. Louise says:

    I’m sure Lemmy and Hilda would be thrilled if their Mum won this. I’d also probably give some to the local no kill shelter too as I’m sure they’d appreciate it. :D

  15. David says:

    Verdo sounds clean, fresh, green and very convenient, thanks for the tip Beth.

  16. Sally says:

    I haven’t heard of this litter before, would love to give it a try. My cat is really getting on now and doesn’t go out as much as he used to so we get through lots more litter. The one we use at the moment is so heavy to carry, this sounds great! >^..^<

  17. Rowan says:

    Sounds awesome! I currently stick to one brand as it worked well, but I’ll have to have a look at this stuff :)

  18. Kat Humble says:

    We normally use Pets At Home clumping litter, but this sounds so much nicer! I can’t wait to try it!

  19. Susan says:

    I much prefer wood litter too!

  20. We use Catsan as we are a multi cat house and it really does keep the odour down. Always happy to try an alternative though.

  21. Claire Robinson says:

    I’m sure our three furry children would love to try wood litter!

  22. Cally says:

    This is something I’d definitely love to win!
    We haven’t really found one that all of our cats like yet.

  23. I get though alot of littre as I am a fosterer for Cats Protection, so if I won this prize it would be for all the cats we look after all year round while they wait for a forever home. I have 2 pens in the garden, but we have so many cats looking for new homes, I have now had to take 2 indoors with us. Luckly they get on very well with own 4 :-)

  24. Jo Hopkins says:

    I have 8 cats and use a lot of litter! I really like the idea that this litter is more friendly for the environment and that the company donate to Cats Protection.

  25. Tracie says:

    Princess Millie is my furry baby girl who is also the boss around here – and she is super particular about her litter tray! We’ve tried everything over the year but she finally decided she prefers wood pellets too! Its a fab idea to have somewhere that will deliver kitty litter – so many of my local pet shops won’t deliver unless you spend over a certain amount. Thanks and a round of app-paws to Verdo for giving all of us crazy cat people an easier option – also for supporting such a worthwhile charity and caring for the environment too! Thanks for the tip Beth – you’re a star! x

  26. Sharon says:

    I have 8 cats and currently use clumping litter, but as someone else said it it so heavy. I’d love to try this with my cats

  27. Channen Brady says:

    We switched to wood pellet litter a while ago as its so much easier to use, and doesn’t smell! However, some of the cheaper branded litter seems to fall apart very easily, so makes it difficult to lift their messed litter. Verdo would be very useful to help with that as from what I’ve heard they keep their shape, so it will be easier to pick up the mess. We currently have 3 very fussy cats who won’t use their litter if it has any mess in it, but that number is ever-growing so this would come in very handy! If we get this, any litter that we don’t use (full bags) will be donated to Sunny Harbour Cat and Kitten Rescue to help them continue to do a fantastic job.

  28. Dave says:

    Thanks for the useful review! I’ve just adopted 2 kittens that were found by a friend in a bag on the side of the road (some people)! And I’m trying to get up to speed about the essentials (jabs/food/litter/etc…). So your article has definitely helped! Much appreciated!

  29. Lindsey Kay says:

    Thanks for a great review. I use sophisticat aloe at the moment. It’s good stuff but like you point out it is far from environmentally friendly. Next time I buy more litter I’ll give Verdo ago and see if my fussy 3 like it.

  30. Lynn says:

    I could really do with a years supply of this. My 18 year old girl developed hyperthyroid and started suffering from arthritis in her hips about 2 months ago. Her arthritis has caused her to not be confident about going out in the garden to toilet unless I’m in the garden to watch out for her. Two lots of meds everyday for both conditions plus cat litter and sensitive stomach food has meant she has become a real high maintenance lady. As long as she is comfortable and happy that’s all that matters, but free cat litter sure would come in handy! :)

  31. Danielle Childs says:

    Well this would be great if I won, having 4 cats it is an expensive buy each week. Here’s hoping :)

  32. James Morris says:

    Only got the 2 but they’re the fussiest balls of fur. Just when we think they’re settled, off we go again with the litter experimentation game, bless them.

  33. Jayne Crow says:

    I use Catsan as well, but our new baby kittie spreads it far and wide!! Ant-y alternative sounds good to me! :)

  34. CHRISTINA says:

    this sounds great! i have 4 cats (1 diabetic)and use at least 6 bags of cat litter a week (change twice a day) i use sainsburys own as cant afford anything else but it does the job as they say!! if i was lucky enough to win this i would share it with Katz Castle who do a fabulous job rescuing and rehoming cats….merry christmas to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  35. Luke says:

    My mother uses a wood pellet litter however it doesn’t seem that good. When I collect my kitten I believe I might have to try this litter especially as its UK and with money given to the Cats Protection

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